OPS Has Completed 'Diamond Logic Training'

One employee who took the training said "I don't know how to describe the training – challenging and enlightening…"

In 2001 Navistar Truck and Engine introduced the Industry's First High Performance Trucks. With this introduction, a very innovative and flexible electrical system employing multiplexing technology was introduced. The system is standard on all high performance trucks. In addition, there are many options that can be ordered and/or added to the vehicle in the field.

As customers, dealers, body builders, suppliers and Navistar engineers worked with this new multiplexed system, it was determined that a new software tool was necessary to fully utilize the many advantages and opportunities, of the new vehicle electrical system. The main objective of this new software program is to provide the ability for users to create their own logic-driven features to perform the control of body equipment.

The Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) software combines the feature creation, programming and diagnostic functions for the end user. Diamond Logic Builder system allows us to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of The Industry's First High Performance Truck’s electrical system integration.

OPS has level III Technician certification to implement the features of the Diamond Logic System. This allows us to fit out custom bodies with electrical and pneumatic features having complex control requirements, such as engine speed interlocks or multi-position switching with indication lights in the cab, using this chassis fitted provision. Because of the multiplex feature of this system's operation, the wiring requirements are reduced, installations can be made more economically and require less time. The system can also be configured so as to supervise the condition of each detail.

This means the customers of OPS can purchase body features more economically, with shorter lead times, and if they have access to the system, it can be used for diagnostics of the features and their controls.

Please give us a call @ 613-530-3419 for further information or if you have an questions regarding DLB!

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